Nov. 28th Wedding at Palmer Home

I recently did the hair for Jessica and her bridal party for her beautiful Nov. 28th wedding. She and her party were AMAZING to work with. They were all so sweet and fun! I had the pleasure of doing the hair for all of them and the make-up for the bride. I had some help with the rest of the make-up from Sally. She did an awesome job on their make-up and they were all very happy. As you all probably know, lo-do’s are very popular now. Low buns, messy do’s at the nape of the neck, clean chignons, or glam waves all fit into that category. This party was no exception. The bride wanted a very clean, low do with a hint of fifty’s era in it. Everyone else wanted something low and kind of messy ( you know- that whole just threw it up and it looks amazing thing). Even the mother of the bride wanted a soft, finger waved bob. They all looked great and were very happy. I loved working with them so much! I hope you enjoy some of the pics…… I apologize for the bad photography πŸ™‚



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