Emma Katzka Bridal

I was so pumped when I got the inquiry about working on this styled shoot for bridal hair piece designer, Emma Katzka, with photographer, Rachel Red! I’m a huge fan of theirs, and am totally guilty of regularly stalking the Emma Katzka Bridal Instagram page! Her design style is a beautiful combination of bohemian and glamorous, which we all know, is right up my alley. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her stunning pieces, and come up with perfect hair styles to go with them.

The location for the shoot was The Gadsden House- a historic home in downtown Charleston with gorgeous original chandeliers and fireplaces- now one of the most popular wedding venues in the city. It’s any girl’s dream home (read: mansion), and is truly fit for a princess. Which, is exactly what we went for on this shoot- moody, but still soft, princess vibes. Sweet Caroline Styles did an amazing job with the wardrobe, and used a combination of black and white in lace and tulle. The black edged it up a bit, but the lace and the cut of the tops kept the look soft and feminine. Lindsay Bishop played up the moodiness with the deep hued florals, and Paper Swallow Events added the perfect touch of long black candles. Seriously, it was like something out of a Disney movie- but a moody Disney movie.

Using the inspiration of the mixture of feminine and moody touches, I decided to go ultra Β soft princess for the hair, and darken up the makeup. I liked the idea of her hair mostly being down, but adding in a lot of soft texture and a combination of knots and twists to keep it really interesting. With both the styles and the hair pieces, each look turned out so ethereal- I think we really hit the princess nail on the head! For her makeup, I did a darker smokey eye and strong brow, so kept the rest of her face and lips very soft and natural. The makeup and the models deep, big brown eyes worked perfectly together!

I absolutely loved working on this project with such an awesome team! I can truly say every aspect of the shoot turned out perfect! Also, can I hurry up and become a cool, moody princess and live in this dream world now?!

Photography: Rachel Red

Hair Piece: Emma Katzka Bridal

Model: Sarah Louise Rhodes

Wardrobe: Sweet Caroline Styles

Florals: Lindsay Bishop

Venue: The Gadsden House

Planning: Paper Swallow Events

Watercolor: Jessie Kuruc



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