Wild and Free Photo Shoot

I don’t know about you, but I think we all have a little girl inside of us who wishes that she could wear a tiara everyday and run through the woods as free as a bird, right? Well, I got to create what I think she looks like!!!!!! Even if you’re not a girly girl ( which I am not), I think that you can relate to this idea of being free and wild- and looking fabulous, of course. Oh, and don’t forget that there is a fabulous photographer there to capture this dream moment and a dress designer that dreams are made of. …

Yep, get excited.


I am so lucky that this incredible artist, Emma Katzka, who is the creator of most of the edgy tiaras and headpieces that you see on Instagram.. and pretty much everywhere else, asked me to do the hair and makeup for her spring lookbook ( gasp). The girl that I think she wanted me to create was a mountain living- natural beauty, who can’t be contained and definitely marches to the beat of her own drum. So……. let me translate that into hair and makeup speak:

Textured wavy hair

Glowy natural makeup

Modern styles like a half up knot and messy top knot

Yep. That should do it.!

For her makeup, I used all light, pink tones ( a little extra flush on the cheeks) and made sure to keep her skin verrrrry dewy. I didn’t really want it to look like she was wearing makeup as much as that she was fresh faced. Tarte Cosmetics has come out with an AWESOME setting spray called Ready. Set. Radiant. And it is just that.. radiant. I used quite a bit of that for her glowy skin. No gloss was used for her lips, more of a stain ( imagine she just stopped and ate some berries… yep.. I take it that far..)Β RachelRedPhotography-244

RachelRedPhotography-463Now for the hair!! Obviously, I want the hair and makeup to show off the hairpieces more than anything else so I have to keep that in mind when I am creating a style. I wanted to keep the hair messy so I only wrapped the hair in different directions around and iron to make it way and sprayed a salt spray ( IGK Beach Club) as the finishing mist. From there, I basically moved and pinned the hair to accent the pieces that Emma made. I think that a half up knot is a good way to make it messy ,but still keep it fresh and modern. And really, who doesn’t love a touselled, big, top knot??


We are so fortunate that the amazing Rachel Red Photography captured all of these photos at The Gadsden House ( she makes me look better than I am) and Emily Kotarski is still designing incredible gowns for all of us to drool over. Since I worked with such talented people,the uber-creative blog Green Wedding Shoes debuted the looks just a couple of days ago!! So Stoked!Β RachelRedPhotography-589

I hope that you all enjoy seeing these looks as much as I loved creating them. So, put on your favorite tutu and flower crown ( and in my case, combat boots) and enjoy the show!



Photography @rachelredphotography

Hair piece @emmakatzkabridal

Dress: @emilykotarskibridal

Model: @emmagladu



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